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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Sending high school students to a four day training camp in leadership skills.

Developing Leadership Skills

It gives attendees an opportunity to attend a leadership camp and form lasting friendships, hear from professional speakers, develop as a leader, grow as a person and have fun.

Training the Future Leaders

Generation Z (current high school students and younger) are at a formative time where they can learn about leadership and develop communication skills. The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a four day training for high school students to equip them for the future.

Gen Z

Providing this type of program to Generation Z (this generational cohort of high schoolers and younger) is critical at this time in our nation. 

"Gen Zers are likely to be the most self-educated generation yet. However, they are acutely aware of the cost of a traditional college education and worried about accumulating student debt....Some Gen Zers are expected to explore less expensive alternatives to traditional schooling..."

-Yardeni Research Sept., 2018. 

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