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Much of what we do as Rotarians involve financial support for important local and international projects and missions. 

Supporting Students

“Pathways requires the value of our time. We work with junior and senior high school students to identify careers that align with the areas of interest of each student. The goal is to identify employers and paid internships. We help make the connection, a training plan, and on-site visits.  We believe that every student could benefit, especially those who do not have college plans beyond high school. Our students deserve to graduate with a career plan beyond the high school diploma.”

A Different Path

Students are assisted and mentored as they participate in internships, shadowing and apprenticeships.

We work with junior and senior high school students to identify areas of interest for each student and connect them with internships and mentors in the community. 

50% of our students are choosing to continue a two-year or four-year college education certification or degree program, and 50% are choosing internships that lead to a job directly out of high school.  

The Pathways Class of 2020

The current students enrolled in various trades and disciplines. 

Pathways Anneka Fisher 2019.jpg


Physical Therapy

Pathways Ryan Hill 2019.jpg





Law Enforcement

girl anon.jpg


Real Estate

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