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Ronald McDonald House 

Major Donor, $10,000.00 (3-year sustaining)
3 to 6 volunteers prepare meals once a month ($100 a month)
Joint events to generate public relations


Make a Donation

Our organization is run by volunteers, with every contribution extending the reach of the foundation projects.


We are always looking to grow and improve to be most efficient and effective with our funds. 

INSTRUCTIONS: To use a Credit Card to Donate to the Foundation’s "CLUB DESIGNATED FUND” - (your donation will be be used at the Discretion of the Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs and the North Colorado Springs Rotary Club Foundation) - ENTER: “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card “ and complete your Credit Card Information. To have your donation go to a specific cause, ENTER: (Optional) "Use this donation for” and select your designated cause. If the cause is not listed, please contact the Foundation Treasurer.


If you wish to donate by check, make the check out to North Colorado Springs Rotary Club Foundation and mail to: 

North Colorado Springs Rotary Club

P.O. Box 7056

Colorado Springs, CO


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